IBS Specialty Products

Hardboard, Softboard, Showerline, MDF and PanelLine have been supplied by IBS into the NZ building industry for many years.   
With our MiniPanel range of panels this gives you the convenience of buying the size sheet that you need either for a patch up job or for that great new shelving idea to tidy up your home

Showerline ACP Wet Wall Lining

IBS Showerline a leading wet wall lining bringing together the strength and durability of an aluminium composite panel. Whilst tying in a smooth and stylish coating of a curtain coated paint finish.


Softboard is a multi layered softboard used as thermal and sound insulation as well as underlay for various types of flooring and office partitions or pinboards.


Hardboard has many of the desirable characteristics of wood but is without the defects found in wood. It is grainless, knotless and will not easily split or splinter.

Hardboard Underlay

IBS Hardboard Underlay is a high-density fibreboard that provides a flat, uniform, indent resistant base for all vinyl floor type coverings. It is specifically designed to be used over strip timber, particleboard, plywood and concrete floors


MDF has excellent strength quality, surface smoothness, stability and a superior edge profile. A truly high-quality paint finish is easily achievable with IBS MDF smooth surfaces.

PanelLine V Groove MDF

If you are looking for the colonial character with a high quality paint finish then IBS PanelLine is the product for you.  V-Grooves at 100mm centres up the length of the sheet along with a T&G jointing system down the long edge of the sheets make it easy to install to give you that continuous V-Groove Look. 

IBS Mini Panels

If you are looking to make life easier for you with a small sheet that can fit in your car or a pre-finished shelf then check out the range of IBS Mini Panels. All have a bar-code sticker on for easy scanning at the point of sale. We can also offer a bespoke cutting option for any big jobs out of Plywood or MDF as well.