IBS Hardboard Underlay


      • Specifically designed as an underlay to Vinyl Flooring 
      • LFE Panel (Low Formaldehyde Emissions) 
      • Comes from a fully Sustainable Renewable Resource 
      • Thickness Calibrated  
      • Easy to work with  
  • Description
  • IBS Hardboard Underlay is a high-density fibreboard that provides a flat, uniform, indent resistant base for all vinyl floor type coverings. 

    It is specifically designed to be used over strip timber, particleboard, plywood, and concrete floors. 

    Eco-Safe – Responsible 

        • Manufactured to meet Super E0 Standards
        • No added chemicals & no resins
        • 100% natural plantation hardwood. 

    Strength & Savings 

        • Easy to work with and fix using normal wood working tools and flooring installation equipment.
        • Highly indent resistant caused by heavy point load objects such as table legs, chairs, book cases, and high heel
        • Hoes perfect for use in high traffic areas such as hospital rooms, corridors, schools and sports stadiums.  

    Minimize the adverse effect of movement in the subfloor on the floor covering as IBS Hardboard Underlay bridges any small irregularities in the subfloor. 

    Tough, flexible and resistant to cracking or fracturing 

  • Size
  • Available Sheet Sizes

    1220x 915 x 5 mm

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