IBS Formply



      • Structurally Certified to New Zealand Standards 
      • Climate resistant A-grade WBP Phenolic glue line 
      • 120gm/m2 Stora-Enso Dynea Paper overlay for the best finish 
      • Re-use at least 5-8 times each side provided it is looked after and used as instructed 
      • Painted with a water-resistant paint on all edges 
      • Anti-abrasive, wrinkle-resistant and anti-erosive film face 
      • IBS Green Tick Approved 


      • Batch Tested to F11 in New Zealand 
      • Full hardwood plywood 
      • Climate-resistant A grade bond Water Boil Proof (WBP) Melamine glue lines 
      • Anti-abrasive, wrinkle-resistant and anti-corrosive, brown, phenolic film face on both sides 
      • Class 2 surface finish 
      • All four edges paint sealed 
  • Description
  • Looking for a great finish with your next concrete project then check out these options. 

    IBS Hardcore Formply is fully inline certified to either F14 or F17 grade and is ideal for use when an engineered strength rating is critical.   

    It brings together the strength and durability of a full Hardwood veneer layup with a Marine bonded WBP Glue line and a 120gm/m2 Dynea paper overlay. 

    Manufactured to strict international standards using modern production techniques and high quality raw materials.   

    If you are looking to use in Formwork or Shutters then this is the best choice for you. 

    IBS Builders Grade Formply is Batch tested here in New Zealand to an F11 Grade.  

    An 11 Ply full Hardwood Layup with a WBP Melamine Glue you can rely on IBS Builders Grade Formply to give you a great finish for many of your Formwork needs 

    A 120gm Dynea Paper is Laminated to the face of the board to give you a great finish on your concrete as well as being able to use it many times over if you look after it. 

  • Size
  • Available Sheet Sizes (mm)

    IBS Builders Grade Formply (F11)
    2440 x 1220 x 18 mm 

    IBS Hardcore Formply (F14 & F17)
    2400 x 1200 x 17 mm

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