IBS Plywood

IBS sources plywood products from the best producers from all around the world.  A focus on quality as well as making sure that it comes from a fully sustainable resource is important to us. 
We have visited each and every facility on many occasions and have been working for many years to ensure the highest level of quality across our range 
IBS Plywood as seen on The Block NZ 2021

IBS Builders Grade Ply

For all your needs that do not require a structurally certified product IBS Builders Grade is what you need.  Wall Linings or Furniture, the dog house or the play house, IBS Builders grade will give you a great face plywood that will last for many years. 

CD Structural Ply

Structural ply is fully inline certified to New Zealand standards by SAI Global.
Arauco plywood has been manufactured and tested to meet all requirements of Plywood Structural Standard AS/NZS 2269. 

IBS Plyfloor

IBS PlyFloor has been designed for use as a flooring substrate as well as an ideal substrate under roofing or decking rubber membranes. Certified to AS/NZS 2269 to a strength grade of F11 gives the assurance of structural integrity along with the knowledge that this is a product designed for use in New Zealand. 


IBS Formply comes in three different strengths – F11 – F14 & F17.  Both the F14 & F17 are mill certified to NZ standards, while the F11 is batch tested in New Zealand. 
IBS Formply is your next choice for that concrete project. The durability of the product due to the mixed hardwood core gives exceptional strength and a clean face finish. 

Marine Ply

The IBS Marine Ply range is fully BS1088 certified which is a British Standard.  Great for furniture or wall lining but also great for boat building. 

V Grooved Ply

IBS V-Groove Ply is a high-quality plywood panel that has the appearance of a traditional tongue and groove lining.
IBS V-Groove Ply has a clean smooth face making it ideal for a natural wood finish.

Hardwood Ply

Hardwood Ply is a quality decorative wood panel. Ideal for use for lining walls and ceilings to furniture and cabinetry.
Hardwood Ply is a quality plywood with a Hardwood Okoume face and back.

Birch Face Ply

Looking for a great new look that is clean and light then look at this new Russian Birch Plywood. 
Great for a wall lining or for furniture that would be used inside.