Oriented Strand Board

OSB is an engineered panel product and is one of the most wide spread panels used in the world.  A true OSB product is a great substitute for any application where you would use Plywood. 
The top and bottom 25% of the sheet has its strands orientated to run the length of the sheet and the middle 50% has been orientated to run the width of the sheet.  This gives it the strength required to call it a true engineered panel. 


IBS EUROFloor is an engineered panel manufactured in Germany and designed for NZ.  The long strands make it strong as well as a great feature to clear finish. 


IBS RigidRAP is an 8mm OSB3 product that has been laminated with an approved building paper to give your house dual protection from the weather during your building process. RigidRAP is not only a temporary weather cladding but it also provides bracing. Lightweight, easy to cut nail or screw, and can be exposed to the weather for up to 90 days. 
Make your house warmer – quieter & stronger with IBS RigidRAP 


All of the benefits of RigidRAP with a thermal break make this ideal for use with any Steel framing requirements. IBS RigidRAP-XT has been specifically designed for the Steel Frame Housing industry. 
RigidRAP-XT has all the benefits of IBS RigidRAP with the added bonus of a 10mm rigid foam added to the rear of the sheet to give a thermal break of 0.39. 


EUROLine is a new range of OSB wall lining giving a fresh wood appearance that can be painted or clear finished. 
With a range of 9mm to 18mm it means that EUROLine is a great for Wall Lining, cabinets as well as hoardings or ceilings. 
Certified to European standards you can rely on the consistent strength and quality of this great product