IBS Fibre Cement Board

For more than 25 years IBS has been working with the Prima range of Fibre Cement in the New Zealand market.  Fully Codemark certified and with a full set of documentation, you can rely on Prima Fibre Cement products for your next project 


PRIMAflex™ is a multi-purpose board with superior fire performance, dimensional stability and durability.
PRIMAflex™ is suitable for ceiling and eave lining, partitions, gable ends, external wall cladding, paneling and other building applications


PRIMAaqua™ has a smooth, sanded and sealed surface to ensure minimal water and moisture absorption in the exposed surface.
PRIMAaqua™ has rebated long edges that can be filled and either tiled or finished with topcoats and wallpaper


PRIMActu has superior fire performance and is dimensionally stable which makes it an ideal substrate as a ceramic tile underlay.
PRIMActu can be directly fixed to an existing timber, OSB or plywood floor.

PRIMAalpha Groove

PRIMAalpha Groove comes with a v-groove running the length of each sheet at 100mm centres.
Ideal for Soffits, Base boards, bathrooms, toilets, or as a high impact resistant dado line to give.