IBS Decorative

Looking for that X-Factor in your new wall lining or furniture project.  Choose from some of these great products. 

PanelLine V Groove MDF

If you are looking for the colonial character with a high quality paint finish then IBS PanelLine is the product for you.  V-Grooves at 100mm centres up the length of the sheet along with a T&G jointing system down the long edge of the sheets make it easy to install to give you that continuous V-Groove Look. 

V Groove Ply

IBS V-Groove Ply is a high-quality plywood panel that has the appearance of a traditional tongue and groove lining.
IBS V-Groove Ply has a clean smooth face making it ideal for a natural wood finish.

PRIMAalpha Groove

PRIMAalpha Groove comes with a v-groove running the length of each sheet at 100mm centres.
Ideal for Soffits, Base boards, bathrooms, toilets, or as a high impact resistant dado line to give.


EUROLine is a new range of OSB wall lining giving a fresh wood appearance that can be painted or clear finished. 
With a range of 9mm to 18mm it means that EUROLine is a great for Wall Lining, cabinets as well as hoardings or ceilings. 
Certified to European standards you can rely on the consistent strength and quality of this great product 

Hardwood Ply

Hardwood Ply is a quality decorative wood panel. Ideal for use for lining walls and ceilings to furniture and cabinetry.
Hardwood Ply is a quality plywood with a Hardwood Okoume face and back

Birch Face Ply

Looking for a great new look that is clean and light then look at this new Russian Birch Plywood. 
Great for a wall lining or for furniture that would be used inside